Carpets and Kilims


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This beautiful thick kilim was hand woven in Turkey. It would certain add colour to your home

Product #500
Size: [39 x 23 in.]
$150 + Shipping $23 = $173



This hand woven carpet is from the Atlas region in Morocco and features squares with Berber symbols. Half the squares are raised about 1/2 in. This carpet would look great in house with long corridors.

Product #502
Size: [95 x 38 1/2 in.]
$200 + Shipping $40 = $240



This very thick hand woven carpet was bought in the Atlas region in Morocco.

Product #503
Size: [76 x 52 in.]
$275 + Shipping $50 = $325



This kilim was handmade in Turkey and is perfect for a hallway.

Product #505
Size: [66 x 23 in.]
$150 + Shipping $23 = $173


This carpet was hand made in Morocco, and has quite a thick pile. [The colour is somewhat light and more pinkish in tone than appears in the picture.]

Product #506
Size: [48 x 23 1/2 in.]
$140 + Shipping $26 = $166


This rather spectacular large pastel carpet has a thick pile and was hand made in southern Morocco. It features many Berber motifs. The Berbers are the original inhabitants of Morocco, but are Caucasian and have embraced Islam, so it is not easy [or necessary] to discern who is Berber and who is Arabic.

Product #507
Size: [84 x 56 in.]
$350 + Shipping $51 = $401


This bright primary coloured rug was hand made in southern Morocco and features Berber symbols. – Great for a child’s room of to add a cheerful spot of colour to other places in your home.

Product #508
Size: [47 x 24 in.]
$135 + Shipping $25 = $160


This beautiful decorative pastel carpet was hand woven in Turkey. It features two large stags, small animals and birds, flowers and trees plus abstract designs. The design is extremely intricate and this item would probably be better used as a wall hanging than a floor carpet.

Product #510
Size: [39 x 30 in.]
$290 + Shipping $23 = $313


This small silk carpet was purchased in Uzbekistan. It can be used as a decorative centre piece for a table and could be a very elegant gift for one of those “hard to buy for” men on you gift list.

Product #511
Size: [12 x 12 ¼ in.]
$75 + Shipping $16 = $91


This thick piled small carpet was handmade in Uzbekistan. It can be a pleasant, decorative and useful item for a wooden chair seat.

Product #512
Size: [12 x 12 ¼ in.]
$35 + Shipping $18 = $53


This lovely small pastel hand woven Peruvian carpet featuring llamas could be used as a carpet for a child’s room or for a wall hanging.

Product #515
Size: [25 x 19 in.]
$65 + Shipping $21 = $86