All these embroideries were purchased from hill tribe women in the Sapa Valley in Viet Nam. Anyone who is interested in the hill tribes will get a more authentic experience in the Sapa Valley in Viet Nam than they will in Thailand as it is not such a popular tourist destination. I have many good pictures of these people wearing or offering their goods.
All Prices are in Canadian Dollars

This small incredibility intricate embroidery is the same type of embroidery as is used on the clothes some of the hill tribe women wear in the Sapa Valley. The colours are much more muted and more orange and beige than the pink it appears to be in the picture.

Product #226
Size: [22 x 18 in.]
$70 + Shipping $16 = $86

This large green and orange embroidery from the Sapa Valley could be used as a bed cover, a wall hanging or a throw for a couch or large chair.

Product #227
Size: [73 ½ x 51 in.]
$85 + Shipping $20 = $105


Uzbekistan embroideries or suzanis are very beautiful and have bold patterns which are more like rug patterns than pretty European embroideries. Traditionally they were used to decorate yurts, but now are used as wall hangings to decorate people’s homes or restaurants. Most of these embroideries were purchased in cities on The Silk Road in Uzbekistan: Khiva, Bukara, Samarkand.

NOTE: The ikat [hand carved wooden] holders are not included in the price.

This very striking suzani is at present decorating a wall in my apartment. It was purchased in Khiva, a walled city on The Silk Road where it was decorating a wall in a restaurant. [The ikat holder is not included in the price, but can be purchased for $60]

Product #229
Size: [47 x 38 in.]
$150 + Shipping $20 =$170


Product #229A
Size: Embroidery and Ikat Holder
$210 + Shipping $38 =$248


This suzani was also purchased in Khiva. It may not look quite as striking an the former suzani at first glance, but if you look at the details, you will notice birds, waves and leaves At present these 2 suzanis hang on the same wall on either side of my fireplace and look great! [The ikat holder in the picture is not included in the price, but can be purchased for $50]

Product #230A
Size: Embroidery and Ikat Holder
$190 + Shipping $35 = $225


The brightly embroidered designs on a yellow background in this suzani would certainly brighten up some area in your home.

Product #232
Size: [39 x 39 in.]
$80 + Shipping $21 = $101


This lovely pastel runner was purchased in Bukhara.

Product #237
Size: [41 ½ x 12 ½in.]
$42 + Shipping $16 = $58