Hand-Carved Wooden Masks

from Bali, Java, Lombok, Thailand & Vietnam

Note: To understand the cultural significance of Balinese and Javanese masks, it is important to know something about the Hindu epics, the Ramyana Tale and the Mahabharata Epic, plus the Balinese Barong Play. Please consult the introduction of Carved Wooden Panels for a summary of these plays.

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These fine quality gold leaf hand-carved wooden Buddha masks are from Thailand. The decorations are coloured pieces of mirror and raised, gold patterns, common materials in Thai handicrafts.

Product #76
Size: [14 x 9 in.] Gold Buddha with peaked headdress
$79 + Shipping: $22 = $101


Product #77
Size: [11 x 9 in.] Buddha with flat headdress
$69 + Shipping: $21 = $90

Product #78
Size: [14 x 8 in.] Buddha with dark face
$79 + Shipping: $22 = $101



Topeng (masked) dances are very popular in Bali. Both these hand-carved wooden masks, representing noble and good people, can be worn by adults. As in Java, noble characters have small almond eyes and light faces, whereas easily angered or evil characters have large eyes and red faces. Probably the woman is a queen and the man is a king.

Product #81
Size: [7 ½ x 7 in.] woman
$39 + Shipping: $17 = $56



Product #82
Size: [7 1/2 x 5 in.] man
$39 + Shipping: $17 = $56



These are also hand-carved wooden topeng Balinese masks. The brownish red-faced moustached man on the left would not be a refined character both because of his skin colour and his large bulging eyes. The old man mask is one of the most frequently used in Bali. This dancer performs a solo dance. Although it is a dance frequently performed for tourists, I have seen it performed in Hindu-only celebrations.

Product #83
Size: [7 ½ x 5 ¾ in.] Reddish faced mask
$39 + Shipping: $17 = $56



Product #84
Size: [7 1/2 x 6 in.] Old man mask 3 available
$39 + Shipping: $17 = $56


More Balinese hand-carved topeng wooden masks. The mask on the right is of Hanuman, the Monkey King in the Ramyana Tale. Unfortunately, this one is not available, but I do have another, not quite as attractive. The tiger mask would probably be used in a Balinese play about a bad hunter which I saw performed once. I have a mask of a wild boar, also.

Product #85
Size: [9 x 6 ¾ in.] Tiger mask
$39 + Shipping: $18 = $57


This charming mask of high quality wood is of a Balinese Brahmin priest. Most poeple in Bali are Hindus, but except for religious ceremonies, the caste system is not rigid.

Product #89
Size: [12 ¾ x 5 in.] Brahmin priest mask 2 available
$49 + Shipping: $21 = $70


Product #90 (Do not oil this mask.)
Size: [11 x 7in.] Mask with large eyes and striations 2 available
$39 + Shipping: $19 = $58



This is a mask of Rangda, the (female!) representation of evil in Bali. She is one of the main characters in the Barong Play, probably the most frequently performed play in Bali, which deals with the battle between good and evil. Balinese believe that evil cannot be eradicated, but it can be controlled. The protector of mankind is Barong who is a large happy dragon-dog like figure played by the men.

Each banjar (traditional administrative and social organizational units in Bali) will have a Rangda and a Barong mask in one of their temples. The masks are considered to be sacred. I have a picture of both masks and myself in a temple. The Rangda mask is worn over the head, and the hair is made of horsehair.

Product #91
Size: [13 x 13 – hair 45in.]
$185 + Shipping: $45 = $230



This is an authentic mask of a leyak (devil), which is made of wood, leather and horsehair, and is meant to be worn over the head. Leyaks usually accompany Rangda in Balinese plays. This particular leyak has a broken fang, but he does get into a lot of fights!

Product #92
Size: [11×11 – hair 24in.]
$175 + Shipping: $40 = $215



This is another authentic Balinese leyak mask. It is made of wood, leather and horsehair, and is meant to be worn over the head.

Product #93
Size: [11 ½ x 11 –hair 23 in.]
$185 + Shipping: $40 = $225



This is another mask of Barong hand-crafted in Bali.

Product #95
Size: [9 ½ x 15 ½ in.]
$55 + Shipping: $24 = $79



The large mask with horns on the left was hand-crafted in Bali. Do not use oil on this type of wood finish. The smaller mask on the right of a man with a moustache is made of high-quality wood and was hand-carved in Lombok. The actual colour is more brown than it appears in the picture.

Product #96
Size: [16 x 12 ½ in.] Balinese large mask with horns
$49 + Shipping: $24 = $73



Product #97
Size: [8 x 5 in.] Lombok mask of man with moustache
$45 + Shipping: $20 = $65


This intriguing large mask with the headdress of a sheep with horns is from Bali. Do not oil this type of wood finish.

Product #98
Size: [14 ½ x 10 in.]
$49 + Shipping: $23 = $72



This very unusual, colourful item was hand-crafted in Lombok. It features an intricately carved and brightly coloured bird which instead of a body has a face that opens up to a mirror.

Product #99
Size: [16 ½ x 9 ¾ in.]
$55 + Shipping: $21 = $76



These very large masks are hand crafted in Lombok. The mask on the left has been sold. The mask on the right has been sold, too, but I have 3 very similar masks – 1 green and 2 brown. All the masks have animal and mother of pearl designs.

Product #101
Size: [19 1/2 x9 in.] Green mask with bird design
$75 + Shipping: $30 = $105


The mask is on the left is sold, but a similar one with a bird design is available.

Product #104
Size: [12 ½ x 7 in.] Brown mask many available
$39 + Shipping: $22 = $61


Product #105
Size: [9 ½ x 6 ½ in.] Green mask many available
$32 + Shipping: $19 = $51


These are batik-on-wood masks from Java. Batik is a process of using wax and dyes to make designs and is usually used on cloth. The green mask pictured here would have gone through four waxing and dying processes, which leave the finish very soft – almost like cloth. Both sides of these masks have batik designs. Sometimes the batik-on-wood objects are given a special finish to harden them. The green mask features a bird on the headdress and the brown mask features a crown and hair.

Product #106
Size: [9 x 7 in.] Green mask
$42 + Shipping: $20 = $62



Product #107
Size: [8 ½ x 6 ½ in.] Brown mask
$35 + Shipping: $19 = $54



This black mask from Lombok has a very shiny finish and brass decorations.

Product #108
Size: [10 x 6 in.]
$42 + Shipping: $21 = $63


This elephant mask is from Thailand. There are many elephants in Thailand and many carvings of them. Elephants with their trunks up are supposed to be good luck. This mask has detachable tusks.

Product #110
Size: [12 x 12 in.] 5 available
$55 + Shipping: $25 = $80



mask (37)

These inexpensive Vietnamese masks are made from rattan and are hand painted. They could be worn on Halloween as one can see and breathe through the rattan.

Product #111 a, b, c, d, e larger masks [6 available]
Size: [9 x 9 in.]
$12 + Shipping: $15 = $27

Also, I have similar smaller masks.

Product #112 smaller masks [6 available]
Size: [6.5 x 5 in.]
$8 + Shipping: $12 = $20