MIRRORS from Bali and Lombok

Most homes I visit lack sufficient mirrors. Do you have enough mirrors in your home? Mirrors are useful, beautiful and make a room look larger. While visiting friends, I have noticed that most guest rooms, and even hotel rooms do not have enough mirrors. Your guests [especially women] would definitely appreciate a mirror in your spare room. Also, a mirror in the hall is valuable for a last minute check on your appearance.

We offer many decorative, useful and reasonably priced mirrors on this website.

All Prices are in Canadian Dollars 

These highly decorative Arabic style mirrors are hand caved in Lombok by the Sasak people who are mainly Muslims. However, one of the 2 types of Muslims on this island is a gentle all embracing religion. They even believe in eating pork because “all of God’s creations are good.” The mirrors come in 3 sizes and have a number of different motifs: elephants, birds, gekos [small lizards which eat insects], flowers, abstract designs.

Product #2
Size: large [28 x 24 1/2 in.] 3 available
$175 + Shipping $39 = $214


This highly unusual beautifully carved mirror with decorative mother of pearl inlaid designs is from Lombok, and has the added feature of an attached box which could be used for makeup items, keys or any other important objects. [The small deer carvings do not come with the mirror, but have been placed there to show you the dimensions of the attached box.]

This mirror is sold, but there is an almost identical one available.

Product #5
Size: [20 x 20 in., box 12 x 4 in.]
$150 + Shipping: $45 = $195

This is another beautifully carved mirror with decorative mother of pearl inlay from Lombok and also has the added feature of an attached box which can hold makeup, keys, or other useful or decorative items. [Again the small deer carvings have been placed in the box to show its dimensions, and do not come with the mirror]

Product #6
Size: [17 ½ x 17 in., box 15 x5 in.]
$125 + Shipping: $30 = $155

This hand carved wooden mirror from Bali has a simplified decorative design and would be an asset in any room

Product #7
Size: [21 x17in.]
$65 + Shipping: $27 = $92

These hand carved mirrors from Bali come in 3 sizes and could be used in any room in you house or apartment

Product #8
Size: large [21 in. x 17 in.] 4 available
$65 + Shipping $30 = $95

This hand carved and hand painted mirror was made in Bali and the design has a special significance. In Balinese mythology 2 giant serpents or dragons [nagas] hold up and support the turtle on which the earth rests to make it safe for humans. One naga symbolizes safely and protection, and the other, food, shelter and clothing. Another similar mirror is available.

Product #14
Size: [15 ½ x 15 ½ in.]
$39 + Shipping $24 = $63


This hand carved wooden object is from Lombok. It can be used both as a wall hanging and a mirror. The basic carving is a bird with a face instead of a body which open up as a mirror. For someone who likes unusual decorations!

Product #16
Size: [15 ¾ x9 ½ in.] 2 available
$55 + Shipping $22 = $77

This hand made wooden mirror with inlaid mother of pearl decorations from Lombok is perfect for a man’s room or bachelor apartment.

Product #17
Size: [16 x 12 in.]
$39 + Shipping $24 = $63


This handmade circular mirror was made in Bali and has small pieces or mirror inlaid to decorate the frame of the mirror. – A nice light addition to a room. Also, I have a similar mirror.

Product #20
Size: [12 x 12 in.]
$29 + Shipping $22 = $57

The Chinese yin/ yang [yin-female, yang – male] symbol is well known. Owning this mirror may help to keep those elements balanced in your life. This wooden mirror was hand crafted in Bali.

Product #21
Size: [12 x12 in.] 2 available
$32 + Shipping $26 = $58

These charming mermaids are hand carved and hand painted in Bali.

Product #22
Size: pink [10 ½ x 8 in]
$32 + Shipping $26 = $58


Product #23
Size: purple [10 ½ x 8 in]
$24 + Shipping $14 = $38