Tibetan Tankas

Last year, I visited two monasteries near Xining which are very famous for their tanka paintings.

A tanka is a painting of Buddha, a Buddhist deity or a linage guru. A traditional tanka is framed with rich brocade borders and the painting itself has many Buddhist symbols. They have been used for hundreds of years in temples and homes for meditation. Below are some pictures of tankas hanging in a Tibetan temple.


There are two types of deity paintings; benevolent and wrathful. The wrathful deities are protectors of mankind and destroy evil.


The female deities or goddesses are called Taras. Here is a statue of some Taras outside a Tibetan monastery near Xining.


I bought an authentic tanka painting in a Tibetan temple ( #180). Below is a picture of the monk who sold me the painting.


Also, I purchased some tanka reproductions framed in the traditional brocade near a 1,500 year old Buddhist cave. These tankas are much less expensive ( # 181, 182, 183). Below is a picture of the Buddhist cave.


Here is a picture of a woman and her baby in a nearby town.


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