You will notice that many of my products are from Lombok. It’s very likely that you don’t even know where Lombok is. Lombok is a small island close to Bali and is primarily inhabited by Sasaks who are Muslims. The art in Lombok is very different from that of  Bali and Balinese art is very different from Javanese art.

Much Balinese art is religious and traditional. The wood carvings are usually painted brightly and there is much use of gold. Lombok carvings depict animals in weird positions and shapes. Humans are rarely carved and when they are, they are not depicted realistically. Often the carvings are not painted, but some are, using bright colours and little gold. #60 below is a good example of this.

Panel #38 is another example of a Lombok painted wooden carving.

All my ikat holders and hangers were purchased in Lombok. #240

Traditional Balinese masks are of people or mythological characters as is this mask of  Barong , the dog-lion like  creature who is considered to be the protector of mankind. #95

Most masks from Lombok have the same carved features.  It is the tattoo designs [sometimes carved designs] which are original.

#100, #101

I once read, “Bali is endless elaboration and Lombok is simplicity itself.” You might not find Lombok as exciting a tourist destination

as Bali , but the wood carving is great!

Indonesia is my favourite country because each island [and there are many of them] has its own distinctive culture and its own art forms.

Donna Davidson

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