Valentines Day

Valentines Day


Valentines Day is coming soon. All the items posted on my 2014 Valentines Day blog are still available except the first Javanese puppet couple. However, I have a similar Javanese marriage couple.

All the items posted in 2014 and today are suitable gifts for anniversaries, engagements, or birthday and Christmas gifts for friends or your significant other.

This Javanese marriage couple is very similar to the one posted last year -# 146-7.

puppet (1)


These Javanese puppets are both male so would be suitable for a gay couple – #156  -7.

puppet (10)


Similarly, both these flat Javanese puppets are male. They are carved and painted on both sides – #171 -2.

puppet (7)


The following wood carving was hand crafted in Bali in the Celtic style. It’s of a couple, the man on the left side and the woman on the right – #43. If you look at the picture on the extreme right of my banner, you will see this carving being held by the Balinese man who actually carved it himself.



This relief carving of a man and woman working in the fields is from Bali – #35.



Small Balinese wood carvings of lovers are also available – #591,  592



This heart shaped box made of  coloured palm leaves would make an ideal Valentines Day gift – #307.

box (13)


A hand carved marble Vietnamese box would be a beautiful and much appreciated gift for that special someone in your life -#294,295.


Happy Valentines Day!

Donna Davidson