Halloween is coming soon & I have quite a few Balinese hand carved wooden dancers “topeng” masks which can be worn at Halloween and then put on your wall – perhaps to add to your mask collection.  The Balinese masks have slits under the eyes to see and holes in the nose to breathe.  #81 & #82 (a man and a woman) are noble characters.

mask (27)

#83 is a powerful character represented by the crown but he is not a virtuous person as is shown by his large bulging eyes and reddish brown complexion.  #84 is an old man mask.  The old man solo dance is performed frequently in Bali.

mask (28)

#88 is a Javanese mask.  He is Cakil, an evil character in the Mahabharata Epic.  His red face and long fangs symbolize undesirable character qualities.

mask (31)

#91 is Rangda,  a widow witch, who represents pure evil in Bali – a female devil.  This mask is made to be worn over the head.

mask (2)

#92 & #93 are Leyaks (devils)  who accompany Rangda in many Balinese plays.  They are both authentic masks made of wood, leather and horse hair and meant to be worn over the head.

                                     mask (3) mask (4)

Also, I have a Balinese pig head carved wooden mask which is not pictured.

These inexpensive masks from Vietnam are made of rattan so could be worn for Halloween as one can see and breathe through the rattan.  Also, I have small masks perfect for children which are not pictured.    #111a, #111b, #111c, #111d & , #111e

008mask (36) mask (34) mask (35) mask (37)

Happy Halloween!    Have fun!

Donna Davidson