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Easter Gifts and Decorations

In my last blog, I showed two icons [reverse paintings in glass] from Romania. In both Romania and Bulgaria the walls and ceilings of the churches are completely covered by icon style paintings. The picture below is of the interior a church in Bulgaria, but I do have many pictures of church interiors in Romania.

In Russia and throughout the world, Faberge eggs are very famous. As I mentioned in my last blog ,Easter is the most important religious holiday for Orthodox Christians. In Russia eggs are blessed and given as gifts  on Easter Sunday.

In 1885 Czar Alexander III was extremely impressed with Carl Faberge’s work and commissioned him to make an Easter egg as a gift for his Empress on Easter morning. His Empress was delighted with the beautiful egg and Faberge continued to make imperial eggs until 1917. His eggs and other items became extremely popular with the Russian aristocracy who bought both large and smaller eggs which the women could wear as necklaces or pendants.

Below is a replica of a Faberge egg which I purchased in Russia[#684]  In addition, I have 2 small eggs also purchased in Russia which can be worn as earrings or a pendant.

This little rabbit [#685] and cloisonne egg [#686] would make good Easter decorations or gifts. The rabbit is metal land looks as though it is brass although I couldn’t guarantee it. Also, I have similar silver coloured metal rabbits. I have many small cloisonne Easter eggs in various colours.

The eggs below [#687, 688, 689] were made by the Huichol Indians in Mexico whose crafts are very famous. The eggs were made on a wooden base covered with a thin layer of beeswax overlaid by pine pitch. Then small beads are pressed into the glue like substance to make the patterns. Needless to say, this work is very time intensive.  These eggs could be used to make an Easter tree.

There are more Easter decorative items below [#692, 693,694]. The small stone rabbit is from China as is the beautiful golden cloisonne egg and the small cloisonne bird.  Most of Faberge’s eggs contained a surprise inside the egg. The small cloisonne bird could be used for that as could any other small item -a ring?

Remember that Orthodox Easter is on May 5 this year, so if  you need a gift or decoration, there is still plenty of time to order them.

I realize that my shipping cost seem high, but if you order more than one item the shopping costs would be less.  Even though for Paypal you would have to pay the stated amount up front, I could reimburse you by cheque and I an  honest person.

Happy Easter!

Donna Davidson