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Valentine’s Day 2014

I’m a little late in posting my Valentine’s Day blog, but Valentine’s items are appropriate for wedding, anniversary and engagement gifts through the year.

The first 4 items I posted on last year’s Valentine’s blog – Jan., 2013 are still available, but the large Javanese marriage couple was sold to a museum in South Korea.  A similar marriage couple is still available #124 in the Statues section. Another suitable gift could be the following wood panel from Bali.  #74

Marriage couples are a very popular theme in Java. The statues below are definitely of the folk art variety. – #128

The following marriage couple puppets are from Java. #147, 148

These Javanese puppets are characters from the Hindu epics.  #153, 154

The Javanese puppets below are both men so could be suitable for a gay couple. In java, men wear hats and women don’t.  #159,160

This small inexpensive marriage couple is from Java, also. #586

Another small unusual Javanese marriage couple.  #587

There are still plenty of beautifully carved marble boxes from Vietnam. #296,297

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Donna Davidson

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming soon.  Don’t leave it until the last minute to buy a rushed gift for your beloved. [S]he deserves better than that! There are many items on my website which would make very appropriate unusual gifts. Item #27 below, a hand carved relief wooden panel of Rama and Sita, the great Hindu lovers from the sacred Ramyana Epic would make a spectacular gift! Item #26a is a larger panel of Rama and Sita. Also, these carvings would make great wedding or special anniversary gifts.
This heart shaped box made out of colored palm leaves from Lombok would make a very unusual, appropriate Valentine’s gift for either a man or a woman. [Item #307]
Do you frequently send flowers to your beloved on Valentine’s Day just because it is the easiest?  They are very nice for a few days, but then they are gone. Why not give her [him] a marble box with beautifully carved flowers which will last much longer and be a great deal more useful in the long run? Items #298, #299 below would make wonderful permanent Valentine’s gifts. Items #294, 295, 296, 300, 301 have lovely flower patterns, also.
If your budget is not very large, or if you just want to give a smaller gift, these small hand carved Balinese wooden statues of lovers might be just what you are looking for.  Items #590, 591, 592
Representations of marriage couples are extremely important in Java and are often found in Javanese homes. Item #124 below is just such a traditional marriage couple. All the marriage couples on my website are from Java and are hand carved and hand painted wood. Take a look at #125, 126,127, 128. Items #129, 586, 587, 588,  589 are smaller carvings.  All the marriage couples are suitable gifts for for Valentine’s Day, engagements, weddings, and anniversaries.
Happy Valentine’s Day!