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Valentine’s Day 2014

I’m a little late in posting my Valentine’s Day blog, but Valentine’s items are appropriate for wedding, anniversary and engagement gifts through the year.

The first 4 items I posted on last year’s Valentine’s blog – Jan., 2013 are still available, but the large Javanese marriage couple was sold to a museum in South Korea.  A similar marriage couple is still available #124 in the Statues section. Another suitable gift could be the following wood panel from Bali.  #74

Marriage couples are a very popular theme in Java. The statues below are definitely of the folk art variety. – #128

The following marriage couple puppets are from Java. #147, 148

These Javanese puppets are characters from the Hindu epics.  #153, 154

The Javanese puppets below are both men so could be suitable for a gay couple. In java, men wear hats and women don’t.  #159,160

This small inexpensive marriage couple is from Java, also. #586

Another small unusual Javanese marriage couple.  #587

There are still plenty of beautifully carved marble boxes from Vietnam. #296,297

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Donna Davidson