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Happy New Year!

I’m late in wishing you a Happy New Year.  – I even missed Chinese New Year even though I celebrated it with some friends.

I’m always so busy during the Christmas season that most of my Christmas cards turn into new Year’s cards. One of my friends said that no-one is interested in receiving Christmas cards after New Year’s.  I disagree. The point of sending Christmas cards is to keep in touch with people who don’t live in the same city or those one doesn’t see regularly.  Some friends even outdid me in tardiness. I only received their Christmas letter last Fri.! Anyway, Happy New Year everyone!

This is the Chinese Year of the Horse and if you are looking for a gift, a horse might be a good choice -especially if that person was born in the Year of the Horse. I have a whole section on my website on Horses and here are a few of them. These horses were hand carved in good quality wood in Thailand. #313-15

The following very beautiful hand carved wooden panel of a flying horse is from Bali and is not in the horse section – #32.

This large very expressive wooden horse in movement was hand carved in Bali. Also, it includes a large quite intricately carved stand which doesn’t appear on the website. -#319

The following item is a metal candle stick holder which was hand crafted in Bali.  It would make a good gift for one of those hard to buy for men. – #321 – This candle holder was sold as a birthday gift for someone who loves horses after I wrote this draft.

Another metal hand crafted metal horse candle stick holder from Java. #322

This rather cute hand carved wooden double bell horse is from Lombok. It is carved and painted on both sides so does not have to be hung on a wall. #323

One last suggestion is a hand carved wooden double horse head from Bali. It is in the Wooden Panels section. #68

There are a few other horse objects on my website that you may like -mainly in the Horse and Cat section.

A belated Happy New Year to all of you!  It’s even possible to make New Year’s Resolutions in February.  That’s what I’m doing!